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Top 5 Accessory Trends of Autumn/Winter 2018



Well I think it’s official, autumn is here! The leaves are starting to fall and there is no longer a flip flop in sight! I’m sure being the keen fashionistas you are, you are all dying to know what are this season’s must have accessories. Well let me tell you...


1. Statement Boots

Whether it’s animal print, metallic or over the knee there’s a statement boot for you. Who doesn’t love a reason to shop for new boots?

Attendee at New York Fashion Week Spring 2019

2. Punchy Gloves

This seasons favourites are elbow length and come in all the colours of the rainbow. For those of you who are worried you won’t be able to use your smart phones there are fingerless gloves, as donned by Karl Largerfeld himself.

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2018


3. The Beret 

Much coveted by celebrities and a true classic. The perfect hat for injecting a little Parisian style into your wardrobe and effortlessly chic! 

Attendee at New York Fashion Week Spring 2019


4. Silk Scarf Wearing

This is a huge trend this season as showcased by likes of Gucci and Valentino. Not just to be worn around the neck but also as a headscarf Audrey Hepburn style or tied onto your handbag or belt loop. Time to get creative and rethink this classic!

Valentino Autumn/Winter 2018


5. Supersized Handbags

From huge weekend bags to oversized shoppers this trend is perfect for those who like to pack the kitchen sink. However for those not wishing to to get a back injury, you’ll be happy to know the 90’s clutch is also back in!

Attendee at New York Fashion Week Spring 2019. Photos via Livingly